Energy-saving Home Improvement Ideas To Lighten Your Environmental Footprint – Yahoo Finance

Home Depot Hits All-Time High as Appliances Drive Sales – Bloomberg

Or call in the pros. Insulating concrete forms (ICFs): This increasingly popular construction system is made by pouring concrete into permanent forms made with expanded polystyrene plastic foam to create foundations and walls. The insulated forms build strong foundations and walls and deliver excellent energy efficiency, with insulation on the inside and outside of the walls. ICFs also offer improved fire resistance, wind resistance, and seismic strength. Window wells: Getting natural light into a basement can be a challenge.

Home Depot Rises As Growth In EPS, Revenue Speed Up – Yahoo Finance

July, at the tail end of Q2, enjoyed the biggest comp gain of the quarter with a 7.3% increase. Since delayed sales from bad Q1 weather would typically be expected to occur during the first two months of the quarter, July’s strength indicates the effectiveness of management’s execution with productivity per square foot, Piper Jaffray analyst Peter Keith told IBD. For example, Home Depot shifted space away from its patio department to make room for online customized orders. Roughly a third of online transactions culminate in a store, split across consumer and professional customers, Home Depot CEO Francis Blake said.

Analysts expected a gain of 4.4 percent, according to Consensus Metrix. Revenue by that measure advanced 6.8 percent in July and is trending well so far this month, giving the company confidence to reiterate its annual sales guidance for a gain of 4.8 percent, Tome said. Homeowners also are buying more appliances, a category Home Depot has been expanding. U.S. shipments of major home appliances rose 7.1 percent in July, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.


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