One Simple Home Improvement Cuts Noise Pollution While Boosting Energy Savings – Banning Record Gazette: Real Estate

Conforming to any space when applied, spray foam insulation forms a thick, sponge-like barrier that blocks the chaos of the outside world and dampens the flanking noises from your homes pipes improving the quality of life and health of you and your family. Installed by professionals, high performance spray foam insulation goes beyond just noise dampening. It fills every gap within the homes walls and ceiling to stop air escaping as well as reduces the strain on your heating and cooling equipment. Spray foam insulation both insulates and air seals the entire building envelope letting homeowners cut their monthly heating and cooling bills by as much as 50 percent in some cases.

JC Penney Drops On Negative News; Investors Holding On – Yahoo Finance

Investors on StockTwits said despite the worries, the stock is still worth holding on to, as the companys recovery has been consistent. Investors said the retailers new promotions and discounts were working, and that the ship has steadied since Ullman came back to be CEO after Ron Johnsons efforts to entice higher-income shoppers resulted in customers fleeing to other brands. In the second quarter, the company had higher-than-expected sales in athletic wear and home department, after the chain introduced Nike and Under Armour brands at remodeled locations. The net loss in the three months ended Aug.


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