Newark, San Bernardino Among 2014’s Least Recession-recovered Cities – Forbes

The Rundown: Pocono – Yahoo Sports

Laredo and Irving, TX, came out on top, thanks to large decreases in the ratio of part-time to full-time jobs and high employment and earnings opportunities. San Bernardino, CA, which filed for bankruptcy in 2012, ranked last on the list, due to a small decrease in the poverty rate, low home price appreciation and a small decrease in the ratio of part- to full-time employment. Detroit ranked five spots above San Bernardino, at 145.


“I really don’t know why I got so loose. Was there someone on the outside of me?” Hamlin radioed, not knowing the No. 15 of Clint Bowyer had whipped around him in the high lane. In the end, he rallied and formed a bond with interim crew chief Mike Wheeler by race’s end, calling the personnel shift “really pretty seamless.”?? 10.–nascar.html

D�j� vu All Over Again – Yahoo Sports

Nothing to be ashamed about here! Jim Furyk: The big showdown between me and the boys this week was Group 2 in the game as they all loaded up on the piping hot Furyk as went with course horse Bradley. All Furyk did this week was put all four rounds in the 60s to finish T15. He shot 69 on Sunday and dropped five places.–golf.html


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