4 Mistakes To Avoid In Home Improvement Projects | Blogher

Image: Alan Cleaver via Flickr Creative Commons license 2. Ignoring insurance coverage Lets say youre remodeling your washroom, but during the installation of a new sink, the plumber damages the plumbing. It skips your eye at first, but weeks later, your washroom starts to flood and damages the floor, which makes you liable for the damages caused to anyone involved, even neighbors. Insurance coverage can help pay for the costs and damages of a lawsuit. All contractors and builders need this basic coverage for protecting themselves in case of property damage, and coverage can also help in protecting the contractors equipment, as well as other liabilities on one’s premises. http://www.blogher.com/4-mistakes-avoid-home-improvement-projects?crumb=19

Business : Premier Home Improvements

You name the service and well get it done for you within a matter a few days for most projects. However, if you are looking for just a little renovation to your bathroom or kitchen, you dont have to worry a bit because we as contractors would take up this work just like any other complete renovation. We also do roofing services, and with our dedicated roofing crew we are able to provide the best and high quality roofing service in the Kenosha area that strives to protect your family from torrential rains and winter storms. You can either contract us for entire roof replacement, re-roofing or roof repairs depending entirely on your own needs and budget. The motto we use here at Premier Home Improvements is to ‘provide high quality work to its valuable customers at the most affordable rates without discriminating the size of the work assigned to us’. http://journaltimes.com/places/premier-home-improvements/business_4000015968.html


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